Back with a Non-Card Project to Organize Your Craft Space

Hello out there!

I’ve been away too long! With 2 moves in the last few months, I’m finally getting unpacked and settled in my new place. I am still trying to sort out my craft space and it led to a project. A project led to photos (to make sure my tubes/couplers were correctly placed). Photos led to a blog post. So here we are…


A bunch of YouTube videos show how to use PVC pipe couplers to store Stickles glitter glue. Since PVC couplers aren’t sold at Michael’s, I had to go to a hardware store. Gathering my courage as I walked longingly past shiny new appliances, I headed into the plumbing department. A seasoned salesguy could smell a non-home-improvement-type entering his territory and came out of nowhere to help me out. 

Apparently PVC pipe couplers only come in round (Yes, I asked for round PVC connector thingies) and there are lots of types and sizes. Salesguy was very helpful and I purchased 10 bucks (How was I supposed to know how many of what size I needed?) worth of PVC couplers to make my own craft desk organizer.

Below are photos from the concept (left) and final (right) stages of the projects. I used PVC couplers from the hardware store, wood slat and Martha Stewart glossy paint from the craft store and indoor adhesive vinyl (Oracal 631) from ExpressionsVinyl.Com. To ensure straight lines, I used my Silhouette SD machine to cut rectangles out of silver vinyl.


Here are some sizes: Ranger Mini-Misters fit perfectly in 1/2″ couplers. Tombow Mono-Multi glue fits in a 1″ tube.  The Tombow Tape runner balances on a 1-1/4″ tube, but will also fit on a 1″ tube. Not in the final project (yes, I goofed) is a bottle of Stickles glitter glue. It fits on top of a 1/2″ coupler, but fits inside a 3/4″ coupler.

Here are some alternates I considered before choosing the aqua and silver scheme. (Washi tape for home decor!) What do you think?



Thank you for coming by my blog!  Please stay tuned, in the next day or two I will have a card up. Stephanie